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  1. I had asked several contractors about the mold problem in my attic and gotten many different possible solutions, all of which were hard to do and most contractors said it was too small a job for them to handle.

    Dave diagnosed the problem immediately, and was able to fix it quickly and much more cheaply than any of these contractors. The most important thing to me was I got the right answer. I could tell the difference immediately, my attic is now dry and my roof is not collecting mold. Thanks!

  2. It’s hard to find someone who’ll help with the “little” jobs. Dave from Heart & Soul didn’t blink an eye at the handful of odd jobs we needed done. He was incredibly thorough, and even vacuumed up after the work was done! Highly recommended.

  3. We had water damage from an ice dam formed in our gutters and called Dave to help. He repaired the roof damage and installed gutter guards to prevent ice damming in the future. He then repaired the inside wall, removing the water damage, priming and painting and finally, he installed a new curtain rod. He did great work, and all in one day.

  4. 2012 was a year in our home we will not forget. We had no interior damage from Hurricane Sandy but a frozen pipe that burst in our family room left damage in our family room, kitchen and dining room. Dave Blaine from Heart and Soul Construction repaired and painted all 3 ceilings. The next job was replacing our front door which was damaged by movers and required a contentious claim with the movers and insurance company. Dave was also our choice for painting our vaulted living room ceiling. Our 17th century stone barn offers a unique challenge including large beams and a field stone fireplace that runs up an entire wall. We went on vacation leaving Dave free access to our house and Dave had everything completed by the time we returned. He replaced fixtures in our one bathroom also. Each time Dave has proved responsible, reliable and resourceful with our projects.

  5. Dave has helped me with odd jobs that other contractors would not consider. He is always professional and a man of his word. He has a strong work ethic and good organizational skills.

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