Drywall, Spackling, and Painting


Once drywall is ready for paint, we’ll prime the walls and apply at least two coats in the color of your choice. We can also prime and professionally repaint your walls, ceilings, trim, and siding both in the interior and exterior of your home. We can provide guidance on the best paints to use, the right colors for a space, and the best methods for keeping your professional paint job looking clean and fresh long after the last coat goes up. There’s no single better way to refresh and update your home than with a fresh coat of paint!


Heart and Soul Handyman offers highly skilled, professional drywall hanging and spackling services at affordable prices. Whether you need to repair damage to existing walls or hang new drywall, we can help. Hanging fresh drywall offers an instant way to update a space that may feel dated by dark wood paneling or plaster walls. Drywall offers a clean slate that accepts paint remarkably well, is very affordable, and is easy to repair if damage occurs.


Once your drywall is installed, professional taping and spackling will ensure that you have a clean, smooth, unmarred surface ready to be finished. So much can go wrong during this step that hiring a professional is usually a smart move. We know how to properly tape the seams, apply the spackle in a smooth, uniform layer, and carefully cover screw and nail heads, gouges, and other imperfections in the drywall surface. Working slowly and methodically, we’ll continue to spackle and sand until the surface of the walls is smooth to the touch and visibly even.

With complete service from hanging drywall to painting the final coat, all you have to do is choose the paint colors!