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A Fresh Start for Your Wall Paint

Spring is the perfect time to paint the interior of your home—for many reasons. Emotionally, spring is a time of renewal, a fresh start of sorts. So painting a room can leave you not only with a sense of accomplishment wall paintbut with a sensation of starting over with a ‘new’ room. Even if you paint the same exact color, it’s fresh and clean. No marks, no fingerprints. And of course, changing the color can invoke a different emotion entirely, depending on the color you choose.

The Perfect Time

Logistically, spring is the perfect time to paint because of the changing weather, at least here in the Northeast. You’ll want fresh air in the room while you’re working, so plan to begin your project once the weather is warmer and when there is no rain in the forecast. Ideally, the temperature should be comfortable, and the humidity very low. This allows you to open all the windows for maximum air flow, providing the perfect drying conditions for your walls.

Painting for Maintenance

Painting the interior of your home is also part of the regular maintenance necessary to protect your investment and keep you home in the best condition. Regular painting (every 3 to 5 years) can prevent surface cracks in your walls. Using moisture barrier paint in areas such as the kitchen, laundry and baths can prevent mildew. A fresh coat of paint every few years promotes cleanliness by covering marks and stains and reducing odors caused by cooking oils, pets, and smoking. This helps to maintain your home’s appearance and value. Of course, you don’t have to paint the whole house at once. You can do one—or a few—rooms at a time.

Choosing Your Interior Paint Colors

Color choices are very personal and will change over time as you go through different phases of your life. Unless you plan to sell your home in the near future, go ahead and choose colors that work for you. Flip through decorator sites and magazines to get ideas. Gone are the days of pastel colors on every wall with a ceiling white. Dare to go with a darker color in a large room. Add color to the ceiling or stripes on an accent wall. Experiment with various finishes, paint a mural, have fun. Can’t quite decide on the shade you want? Check with your local paint store; most now offer paint in small quantities so you might pick up 2 or 3 or even 4 colors and try them on your wall before you decide. The light in the room makes a difference on how the color looks, and that light changes throughout the day.

Also available today is the ability to match paint color to any item. Have a favorite painting you want to hang in the room? Take it to the store and have them match your paint to “the yellow sun” in the painting, or the “perfect green” in your throw pillow.  There are so many choices today, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re a hands-on type of person, painting a room can be a rewarding project. If it’s not for you, or you simply don’t have the time, Heart & Soul Handyman Services can do the job for you. From helping you chose the type of paint you need, calculating the amount needed, and expertly prepping the area to completing the job, your room will have a ‘fresh start’ in no time.


Gutter Cleaning; How to and Why Especially in NJ

Gutter Cleaning

The purpose of rain gutters on your home is to move water away from your structure. This protects your home’s frame from mold, mildew, warping, andGutter Cleaning other damage. As rain (or melting snow) moves down your roof, it is collected in the gutter and moves to an opening at the corner, or corners, of your house. The water then flows into a downspout that (ideally) has an elbow at the bottom to direct the water away from your foundation. When the gutters fill with debris such as dirt, leaves and pine needles, the openings get clogged, the water backs up and spills over, and your home is no longer protected. Water damage can occur and ruin your roof, the fascia and eves, as well as the foundation, basement, or crawlspace. This type of damage is very costly but can be prevented.

When Do I Clean My Gutters and What Do I Need?

To keep your gutters performing optimally, clean and maintain them on a regular basis. Depending on your environment, you may need to do this twice per year, but at a minimum, do it every autumn when the leaves fall, and before the snow starts.
Plan to clean the gutters when the weather has been dry, as wet leaves can be heavy and messy. Here’s what you’ll need: a ladder, a trough, a bucket with a metal hook, a garden hose with a nozzle (or an attachment specifically for gutter-cleaning), and work gloves. We recommend a good, sturdy step ladder on level ground, if possible. For two-story homes, you will need to use an extension ladder. If you’re not comfortable with ladders or heights, then it’s best to hire someone to help.

Gutter Cleaning; How to tips

Once your ladder is in place, you’ll want to attach the bucket using the metal hook. Use this to hold the debris you remove from the gutter. You may want to use a second bucket/hook to hold your tools if you don’t have a sturdy tool belt. Start by the downspout and remove leaves and twigs. Use the trough to loosen tightly packed debris. Use the pail to hold this debris and carry it to the ground. (Tossing it into the yard creates more work.) To stay safe, don’t reach; clean the area in front of you, then move the ladder to the next section. When you’ve removed the large debris from the full length of the gutter, use your hose to flush out whatever remains, starting at the opposite side of the downspout. The water should move freely. If the water backs up, there is likely a clog in the downspout.
From the ground, snake your hose up the downspout and turn the water on full force to flush whatever is blocking the pipe. If your downspout feeds into an underground system, you’ll need to remove the bottom section of the downspout to get the hose in. Once this is clear, flush your gutter once again to ensure the water moves freely.